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Bill Lyons
09-20-2009 Adorn the Doctrine

09-20-2009 Bitterness
09-20-2009 Trying to Be Saved On Your Own Terms
09-21-2009 We Don't Know How Much Time We Have Left

09-22-2009 We Will Spend Eternity Somewhere
09-23-2009 Remembering (Lot's Wife)

DeWayne Spivey

03-03-2013 Josiah
03-03-2013 Our Focus Must be on Christ
03-03-2013 Covenants
03-04-2013 God's Righteousness and Faith
03-05-2013 Why Baptism
03-06-2013 What is it You're Doing

Gary McDade
03-07-10 The CALL to be Saints
03-07-10 Called to be Saints
03-07-10 Called out of the World
03-08-10 Characteristics of the called
03-09-10 Called in One Body
03-10-10 Make Your Calling and Election Sure

03-11-12 Five States of the Soul
03-11-12 Preaching Christ Crucified

03-11-12 The Christ (.wma)
03-12-12 Where We Make Melody
03-13-12 These Necessary Things
03-14-12 Behold Your God

Hardeman Nichols
03-08-09 The Blind Man
03-08-09 Happieness
03-09-09 Finding the Truth
03-10-09 Strong Faith vs. Little Faith
03-11-09 The Return of Christ

James Meadows

03-20-11 Bible Class Q&A
03-20-11 More Than Conquerers
03-20-11 Tests of Faith
03-21-11 Religous Authority with Q&A
03-22-11 Why Christ Had to Die with Q&A
03-23-11 The Judgement

Jeff Jenkins
10-09-11 The Family and Christian Life
10-09-11 Basics of Christian Life
10-09-11 Christian Life: Past
10-10-11 Christian Life: Present
10-11-11 Christian Life: Future
10-12-11 Work of the Christian Life

Jerry Self

10-19-08 Being Like the First Century Church
10-19-08 Is Church More Important to You?
10-20-08 Moving from the Old Law to the New
10-21-08 Offering Excuses or Facing the Challenge?

Larry Fife

04-27-14 What God's Love Doesn't Do
04-27-24 What God Did when He Got You
04-27-14 What He Cried Before He Died
04-28-14 Just-If-ied Never sinned
04-29-14 Thoughts From A Theif
04-30-14 When Sodom Lived in Lot's Family

Michael Shepherd

03-15-15 Progression of the OT
03-15-15 Haggai
03-15-15 Peace
03-16-15 Philippians
03-17-15 The Church of Christ (.wma)
03-18-15 The Church

Phil Sanders
03-06-16 Contagious Christianity   
03-06-16 Why You Should Be a Christian   

03-06-16 How Do You Stand with the Lord?   

03-07-16 God Wants Your Heart   

03-08-16 Will Jesus Really Help Me?   

03-09-16 Five Minutes After Dearh